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We provide unmanned aircraft-based solutions
for a broad range of civilian applications.

Civilian Applications


We provide unmanned aircraft-based solutions
for a broad range of civilian applications.

We provide complete unmanned aircrfaft systems including unmanned aircraft vehicle or drone, integrated airborne surveillance or inspection systems and ground control stations.

Aero Surveillance has acquired a substantial experience with some major companies in the oil and gas, energy transportation and railways industries to provide efficient solutions for short and long-range applications. Our range of UAV platforms, combined with our unique onboard image/data processing capabilities, allow us to conduct cost effective missions at affordable price points.

Our modular and standards-based system architecture further allows us to efficiently manage technology evolution and functionality enhancements without major system redesign and costs.

Critical Infrastructure Surveillance  – Pipeline  – Transportation Network
Power Grids – Industrial Assets Inspection

Pipeline Surveillance

Oil and gas pipelines require similar periodic inspections and have been, in recent years and  certain areas, the target of increased theft, vandalism or other criminal activities.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems can provide better surveillance than manned aircraft because of the precision, automatic detection capabilities and ease of regular mapping of under- and above-ground pipeline right-of-ways.

Powerlines Inspection

Electricity transportation networks require the periodic inspection of a variety of structures such as pylons, insulators, etc… to verify fatigue, corrosion as well as other factors that may affect network integrity.

In order to achieve this efficiently, traditional photography is useful but not merely enough to tackle the challenges associated with the requirements of a truly comprehensive inspection.

Our knowledge and experience associated with the thorough understanding of operational constraints make us a great partner to design smart systems and provide cost effective solutions.

Transportation Networks Surveillance

Railways, in particular fast train lines, have become critical transportation assets in many countries. Networks consist of tens or hundreds of thousands miles that require frequent inspections and the ability to detect centimetric or even millimetric defects.

Railways UAV applications include, among others, maintenance and safety applications that have different requirements and usually require a specific type of UAV which we can build and customize for each use.

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