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Defense and Military Applications

ISR/ISRTA - Force and Convoy Protection
Special Operations

Defense and Military

Defense and Military Applications

ISR/ISRTA - Force and Convoy Protection
Special Operations

ISR / ISRTA – Force and Convoy protection – Special Operations Support

Intelligence Surveillance
Reconnaissance & Target Acquisition (ISRTA)

Unmanned Aerial Systems have become accepted and even desired tools by many. There are however few systems that truly belong to what is referred as “Next Generation Unmanned Aircraft Systems”. This next generation is characterized by modular design, open standards and increasing on-board intelligence.

The most recent generation of systems designed in the mid-2000’s were vertically integrated and have brought more reliability, functionality and performance but are harder and more expensive to maintain.

Sensitive Site Surveillance

Military forces have multiple sites that require to be protected against a range of threats. Check our ASV 30 series platforms, especially in their tethered version, which allow persistent yet mobile 24/7 surveillance of a whole area or perimeter.

This solution can also be used in non-tethered mode for other missions, transforming this UAV system into a true and affordable multi-mission asset.

Convoy Protection

Convoys support logistics and force projections. They are the blood line of modern warfare and have consequently become frequent targets.

Mini UAVs can be very useful in spotting potential threats ahead of convoys and protecting them from ambushes, IEDs and other types of threats.

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