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Engineering and operational support services

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Engineering and operational support services

We offer a full range of services to assist our customers implement and operate best in class solutions for their applications.

These services include consulting to help projects in upfront phases, engineering to customize solutions to particular needs, customers’ and partner operators’ training.

We can assist customers in obtaining necessary flight authorizations.
System operations services can also be provided.

Consulting for Better Solutions

Our team of engineers will help your staff define and analyse their mission requirements and translate them into acceptable and cost-effective concept of operations.

  • Requirements development
  • Requirements analysis
  • Concept of operations definition and validation with budget, resources, training allocations and other operational constraints.
  • Technology assessment including special sensors, software processing, data exploitation and dissemination.

Engineering for Customized Systems

Our engineering team is composed of very experienced engineers who understand all aspects of systems integration as well as the unique aspects of advanced aerial surveillance.

  • Man-machine interface (MMI)
  • Image processing algorithms
  • System integration
  • Software optimization

UAS Operations and Maintenance Training

Aero Surveillance provides a comprehensive series of pilots, mission operators and system technicians training programs to help customers realize the full value of our systems and assist them in all aspects of service and maintenance in operational condition.

  • Pilot training
  • Mission operator training
  • System operations and maintenance training

Operational Services

Our staff including company’s management has tremendous experience to share with potential customers who wants to learn about unmanned aircraft technologies, applications and operational experience through our network of experts worldwide.

  • Senior management training for companies trying to get a perspective
    in unmanned aircraft systems
  • Senior officer involved in Defense or Security organizations
  • On site equipment operation training
  • Understanding mission simulations

Contact us

For any information on our airborne detection systems, manned and unmanned surveillance solutions, integration and operations services, please contact us. You may also contact us through one of our following office locations or any Aero Surveillance affiliates.